Plan your activities by design.

From the HardDrive of Dennis Roeder.

If you are not living your life the way your want you are living by default and not by design. Your everyday life is going just exactly the way you thought it would. To change your life the way you want it to be you have to take note of what you have to do to make those changes. The changes you need to make may be to study something new or perform a certain activity in a different way. It will all make a difference when you decide in your mind to do it and make it happen. It may mean that you will have to do some more studying, find a way to earn more money or re-organize you activities so you have more time. You won’t reach what you would like to have until you think of a way to accomplish it.

If you haven’t heard of Markethive by now you will, very shortly. Markethive is a very new platform on the Internet that has just been launched. They are now in the process of a soft launch and with that thought in mind there are special benefits that can be realized by getting involved now. There is a process going on now that is defined as the Alpha Founder. This is going to be limited to 1000 members. The obligation is $1200 spread out over 12 months period. The advertising received and the use of the system is way more valuable than the $1200 for the limited partnership. To find out more about this opportunity visit their blog site here: Markethive

The way to be successful in life is to always be aware of what you want and be ready to get involved in whatever it takes to step up to the next rung on the ladder if that is what you want. The thing that you need to concentrate on is what is it that you really you want. Pay attention to your emotions they will let you know what your situation is right now. Are you happy and content – maybe your where you want to be in your life. If you are sad and longing for something else you should sit down and analyze you present situation and see what you need to do to change it.

Dennis Roeder,  —  BOD  —  Alpha Founder

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