About Me

I was born and grew up in north central Kansas. I lived on a farm and attended grade school in a one room country school from grade 1 through grade 8. One teacher taught all 8 grades.  After I graduated 8th grade I went to high school in a small town about 7 miles from where we lived. I attended college at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas for 1 semester.

Because I wanted to be an electronic technician, and not an electrical engineer, I quit college and enrolled in a home correspondence study course for Radio and TV repair. After graduating this course I then enrolled in a more comprehensive TV course to learn about color TV which was just becoming popular.

I worked in the radio and T.V. service field for several years until I took a job at a music store repairing electronic organs. I never had any music training in school but I was able to repair electronic organs and tune them with an electronic tuner.
While working on electronic organs I met a man that worked as a field service engineer repairing medical diagnostic instruments for a world wide company. When he got promoted and moved to a different city I applied for and was awarded the position that he left.

I worked 26 years for this company as a field service engineer until I was offered early retirement.

I now work at different jobs as an electronic technician an do a lot on work on the Internet studying marketing and the tools needed to successfully run an online business.
I am now my own “boss” and have a vested interest in a new “Neural Social Network Marking Platform” named “Markethive.com“.

Dennis Roeder

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