Marketing on the Internet requires and enormous quantity of specialized tools.  This would include such things as a blogging system, auto-responder system,  a groups control system, website and asset manager, a key words monitor, a back-links manager, a leads capture system and above all else a customer information management system.

In the past a promoter would have to locate each one of these tools, become a user and then try to use them all in an organized manner.  This could run into thousands of dollars and a great deal of time.  Probably why many businesses on the Internet fail to make a go of it. You need these tools to draw customers to your site, inform them of what you have and possibly keep them as a customer.

Well, welcome to a new platform on the Internet that has all the above mentioned tools all integrated and controlled from one central control panel.  A company by the name of  “”.

The basic membership is entirely and absolutely free of charge.  There are, however, some upgrades and enhancements that can be subscribed to, only if it is elected to do so.  This will be explained at the end of this article.

MarketHive is a social marketing platform and will derive its income solely from advertising but not as a requirement to being a member.   No member will be obliged to place any ads, nor will they be required to click on any ads.

The reason why people will flock to Markethive and become members is to be able to use the integrated system of tools that help promote a business on the Internet.  Some of these tools would normally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars making it very difficult for start up businesses.  But, members of Markethive have them to use for FREE.

MarketHive is currently in early launch worldwide and will become a social marketing hub for many online entrepreneurs and Internet enthusiasts who fully understand the S.E.O. power of a very advanced blogging system that integrates its RSS syndication with other social systems such a Facebook, Linked-in, Google+, Twitter and many more.

Even tho Markethive is free to join, some of the Marketing tool arsenal will be restricted from use until  user verification via credit card is accomplished.  The card will not be charged, but helps prove that the member is a real person and not a troll/spammer colonization that is normally happening in many free membership websites.

In addition to the above verification procedure another interesting aspect of Markethive, that makes it even more secure, is the joining procedure. A new member can only access the social marketing platform through a social network account and at the time of this writing are: Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Twitter.  The entire system is highly encrypted and is virtually impossible to hack as there is no password, the member is logging in using one of his personal social accounts.

With access to these powerful marketing tools you can execute marketing campaigns that produce real results. Almost as important as the tools themselves though, is the ability to keep all of your information and activities organized. The features in this area allow you to accomplish everything you need to launch and manage professional level marketing campaigns.

Regardless of the type of marketing you wish to engage in, these tools will help you expand the reach and effectiveness of your efforts and ultimately increase results.

New members, who believe that Markethive will grow and become widely known, can take advantage of the “Alpha Founder Promotion” program.  Limited to 1000 individuals this is a lifetime limited partnership with a lot of benefits in terms of shared revenues and advertising credits.


Dennis Roeder,  Alpha Founder