Here you will read about my experiences a I travel around exploring the Internet, exploring the country side and exploring life the way we would all like it to be.

Your life is what you create.  You are in control and nobody can change the reality that you observe except you.  Your life will go on whether you direct it or not.  If you don’t take action, on your own, your life will play out by default and that may not make you happy!

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Entrepreneurship – – What goes around comes around!


Modern Marketing News:

When I was growing up about 75 years ago almost everybody was self-employed. Yea, some farmers had a helping hand or two and a business in town might have a helper for a day or two but usually not on a full time basis.

As I see the situation today things are coming to full circle and in a pretty fast way. Full time jobs are hard to find and when one is found it does't pay enough to sustain a family. People are looking more and more into finding something they can do on their own. This is either making something to sell, selling something for someone else or offering some kind of service.

The point I am working on here is that I believe two trends are coming together and they are going to enforce each other. The two trends that are emerging is entrepreneurship and inbound social neural networking.

Also, when I was growing up towns were very small because most people lived out in the country. The people that lived in town were the owners of the businesses, officials and maintenance people. So, that is how I am going to relate, in my mind, the first application of inboard marketing.

As, I stated above most people lived out in the country so the business people had to wait for them to come to town to buy something. The business people finally decided they needed to do something to draw people into town on a regular basis so business was conducted on a more routine schedule. So, the businesses got together and decided to host exciting events on certain days that would draw the country people into town all at once. The businesses would prepare their stores with specials and special merchandise just set up for that day. This was in fact inbound marketing because all the different businesses banded together in a co-op to pay for the advertising and overhead of the event. They all had different agendas but the event benefited them all because of the increased traffic.

The entrepreneur is you and Markethive is the platform that will take care of all the tools you will need to promote your particular endeavor. Markethive is in launch phase right now, so the timing couldn't be any better. Markethive gives you all the social neural networking tools you need to promote and track the operations of your business.

The best part is that Markethive.com is completely free to use for life.

Dennis Roeder  —  Markethive.com —  BOD  —  Alpha Founder


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The Beehive is beginning to grow!


Modern Marketing News:

Markethive the motherhive of social neural networking is beginning to grow. It is getting bigger and bigger and the buzz of the active worker bees is getting louder and louder. Soon each of these worker bees will be venturing off to form their own hive and everyone in the world will be hearing the buzz created by the work of each one of them as they progress in their own agenda but support and add to the activities of the group they belong to.

Modern Marketing is different from the marketing of just a few years ago. Modern Marketing is not abusive to the intended prospect by sending email after email trying to get their attention, or annoying pop-ups that delay their activity when searching on the Internet or anything that interrupts their normal routine they want to do while online. Modern Marketing is Giving, Caring, Honesty, Transparent, and Helpful. You are continually putting out content and information that is helpful and solves a problem that they may have.

Modern Marketing is commonly known on the Internet as inbound marketing as apposed to outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is losing ground when it comes to click through rate because people are just tired of being harassed by people or companies trying to sell them something the they don't want of need. They delete emails without even opening them and disreguard pop-up and close them with out reading them. Whereas, inbound marketing consists of putting content and helpful information in places where many prospects congregate as they are searching for a solution to their problem. If your content is there they may say, “oh, I know that person they may have what I need”.

Markethive.com is the place to get started with inbound marketing. It is free to join and learn. Their revenue is generated only by advertisements. Markethive.com is a complete inbound marketing system completely integrated with social networks such as facebook and linkedin. You can use the system free or is you decide to you can go the the advertising section and advertise your brand or company. There is also ways to earn advertising credits as you use the system. So you have nothing to lose by joining and getting started.

Dennis Roeder  —  BOD  —  Alpha Founder

Dennis Roeder

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Plan your activities by design.

From the HardDrive of Dennis Roeder.

If you are not living your life the way your want you are living by default and not by design. Your everyday life is going just exactly the way you thought it would. To change your life the way you want it to be you have to take note of what you have to do to make those changes. The changes you need to make may be to study something new or perform a certain activity in a different way. It will all make a difference when you decide in your mind to do it and make it happen. It may mean that you will have to do some more studying, find a way to earn more money or re-organize you activities so you have more time. You won’t reach what you would like to have until you think of a way to accomplish it.

If you haven’t heard of Markethive by now you will, very shortly. Markethive is a very new platform on the Internet that has just been launched. They are now in the process of a soft launch and with that thought in mind there are special benefits that can be realized by getting involved now. There is a process going on now that is defined as the Alpha Founder. This is going to be limited to 1000 members. The obligation is $1200 spread out over 12 months period. The advertising received and the use of the system is way more valuable than the $1200 for the limited partnership. To find out more about this opportunity visit their blog site here: Markethive

The way to be successful in life is to always be aware of what you want and be ready to get involved in whatever it takes to step up to the next rung on the ladder if that is what you want. The thing that you need to concentrate on is what is it that you really you want. Pay attention to your emotions they will let you know what your situation is right now. Are you happy and content – maybe your where you want to be in your life. If you are sad and longing for something else you should sit down and analyze you present situation and see what you need to do to change it.

Dennis Roeder,  MarketHive.com  —  BOD  —  Alpha Founder

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